Hello! I am Galaxy. Click the buttons to find more about me.
I will be semi-active starting on the 20th of August!

-About Me-

GalaxyShe/HerHouseplant OwnerArtist Wants to learn how to animateGamer, mostly Nintendo but there are other games I playReaderLikes various types of musicRavenclaw


Video Games:
Kingdom HeartsThe Legend of Zelda seriesNintendo gamesPokemon ( + PMD )A lot others so ask I guess?

Porter RobinsonMadeonFirewoodislandVideo game ostsThe Oh HellosThere is too many so idk
Other stuff:
Harry Potter (Books/Movies)HTTYD series (Movies)Wings of Fire (Books)The Dragon Prince (Show)Fantasy booksPercy Jackson + The Heroes of Olympus (Books)


None of the images used in this are mine! They came from a f2u site called unsplash.com! Just type in "houseplant aesthetic" or something similar.
You can find me here: